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Nora Hojilla

Nora Hojilla

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Nora is his "real" name, although this spice is better known under the name of niora, the Catalan term, because it is a paprika widely used in Catalan cuisine. This is a small pepper native to Central America that does not sting at all, yet descended from the ball-shaped Chiltepin pepper of the Capsicum annuum variety, which is very hot. The Capsicum annuum variety is one of the most widespread in the world, with peppers as famous as arbol pepper or bird pepper.

The niora, sometimes called "chilli-flower", was already cultivated and used by the Aztecs. Indeed, we have found writings attributed to the tribe of Mexicas dated 1350 which refer to it.

It was discovered by the conquistadors and brought back to Spain, where it began to be cultivated, especially in the regions of Alicante and Murcia.

It is, together with the smoked paprika "pimenton de la vera", the flagship spice of Spanish cuisine. 

Ingredients: Capsicum annuum form Spain

Certified Organic. No GMOs. No ETO (considered carcinogenic by the EPA). Not irradiated.